Design, develop and deploy your app with Your Way Software

Do you have an idea for a mobile application? Would you like to run your own Software-as-a-Service? Your Way Software can help you with your idea using Figma and Flutter to deploy your app to iOS, Android, web or desktop.

Design with Figma

Figma is a cloud-based interface design and collaboration platform. It allows users to design, prototype, and share interactive designs with team members and stakeholders. With Figma, you can create wireframes, mockups and high-fidelity designs for mobile and web applications. It has a wide range of design tools, including vector networks, auto-layouts, grids and prototyping features.

Your designs can be turned into interactive prototypes with Figma’s easy-to-use prototyping tools. This allows you to link your designs together to simulate the flow of a real application. You create animations, transitions and hover effects to bring your designs to life.

Figma allows you to share your designs with team members and stakeholders and receive feedback in real-time. You can also collaborate on designs with team members in real-time, making it easier to work together and get designs approved faster.

You can create and manage a design system for your mobile and web applications with Figma. This allows you to maintain consistency in your designs and make it easier to update them as your designs evolve.

Develop with Flutter

Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK) for building high-performance, high-fidelity, app experiences for iOS and Android, as well as for web and desktop, from a single codebase. It was developed by Google and is based on the Dart programming language.

Flutter allows developers to create visually appealing, fast and responsive applications with smooth animations and graphics. It also provides a rich set of customisable widgets and tools, enabling developers to build native-looking apps with a single codebase, reducing the development time and cost.

Flutter also features a hot reload feature, allowing developers to see changes in the app in real-time, without having to restart the entire app. This speeds up the development process, making it easier for developers to experiment and iterate quickly.

Overall, Flutter is a powerful and versatile platform for building modern and beautiful mobile, web, and desktop applications.

Deploy with Your Way Software

Your Way Software can assist you in the process of releasing your mobile application to an app store, such as Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. The deployment process involves creating a build of the app that is optimised for performance and security, testing the app to ensure it works as intended, and then distributing it to the appropriate app store or platform.

The deployment process can vary depending on the platform (iOS, Android, etc.), the app store, and your organisation’s internal policies and procedures. It also involves submitting the app for review by the app store, which can take several days or weeks.

Your Way Software can help you manage the deployment process, which must be carefully planned and executed to ensure the app works as intended and is secure for end-users.

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